PlusTrax Underground Mine Site Tracking

PlusTrax is Entering its Trial Phase

PRESS RELEASE – Immediate – Sydney 26th March 2012

PlusComms is pleased to announce that our underground mine tracking system, PlusTrax, is entering its trial phase in a major Australian mine in about June 2012.

What Makes PlusTrax Revolutionary?

Simple it outperforms anything currently in the marketplace globally. PlusTrax is NOT dependent on a Server to work. In fact the only use for a server is to provide visibility in the mine control room and a simple log. Have a look at these features and make up your own mind:

  • Resolution: people or vehicles within a couple of metres of any tunnel cross-section
  • Modular simplicity
  • Installation by your own mine site staff
  • Low cost – less than standard RFID gates or beacons
  • Underground autonomous system – no need for a server to be operational for most functions.
  • Collision avoidance with tracking to within approximately 2 metres.
  • Simple topography mapping to the server after installation.
  • Self discovery options
  • Handheld navigation unit possible for vehicles or people, all without the need for a server or WiFi capability – It would show local mapping with a heads-up display and other vehicles and people.
  • Queries are possible underground (eg locate a person or asset) without the need for a server or with the server down
  • A very high level of redundancy
  • Simple sensor node replacement and remap after a node failure
  • Resolution in the event of a node failure may not change by much.
  • Full message capability over PlusTrax with 2 way signalling (message and response)
  • “Man Down” detection and location.
  • Street-like (eg powerline-like) connectivity ensuring the ultimate in power and signalling redundancy.
  • Message “once” protection to stop message loops.
  • 1/2 km sensor runs possible before connecting to another length of sensor cable
  • Tracking of individuals moving in crowds along a sensor lines
  • Geo-fencing  – tracking / alerting those entering restricted area.
  • Limiting numbers of personnel or vehicles in any one area
  • Lower resolution will provide cheaper options.
  • Messaging units in the tunnel ceiling can display messages as desired by the control room. eg “vehicles stopped ahead – slow”.
  • Other ancillary units can hook into the system like flashing lights, sirens, etc all controlled through the messaging network or even automatically activated from a variety of triggers or circumstances.
  • Identifies personnel inside vehicles.

PlusTrax will undoubtedly revolutionise mine site tracking and be best described as “disruptive” technology in much the same way as the iPhone was “disruptive” technology in the mobile phone sector.

Initially it will be available for non intrinsically safe mines, but PlusComms will seek approval for a full intrinsically safe rating.

The units will soon work in open areas and not just tunnels. It will also be sold for use in buildings and homes for a range of tracking applications, including keeping our senior population healthy and independent.

If you are curious about PlusTrax please contact us for details of how you can be one of the first to deploy the system after the trial.

New Service from PlusComms: LightningProtect-Plus

Announcing LightningProtect-Plus

Designed to protect your business and your investment in telecommunications. We provide only the most advanced lightning protection available today to ensure the best lightning protection possible. Only the most effective ionising finials and earthing systems that conducts lightning to ground away from your building or equipment will give you peace of mind. Coupled with surge protecting and filtering you can rest easy when storms are around.

PlusComms stands by the ERICO Six Point Protection Plan:

1. Capture the lightning strike

Capture the lightning strike to a preferred point using a purpose-designed air terminal system.

 2. Conduct energy to ground

 Conduct the energy to ground safely via a purpose-designed downconductor.

 3.  Dissipate energy into ground

Dissipate the energy into a low impedance grounding system.

 4. Bond all grounds together

Eliminate ground loops and differentials by creating a low impedance, well-bonded equipotential ground system.

 5. Protect from surges on incoming power lines

Protect equipment from surges and transients on incoming power lines to prevent equipment damage and costly operational downtime.

 6.  Protect from surges on incoming data/signal lines

Protect equipment from surges and transients on incoming telecommunications and signal lines to prevent equipment damage and costly operational downtime.

Contact PlusComms for more information where ever you are located in Australia.

Robert Brand