Above Ground Tracking

Powerful Solutions for the Mining Industry

slow moving Coal wagons on railway tracksNeed to know where your vehicles are on your site or elsewhere? Mine site asset tracking is essential for both efficiency and safety. PlusComms has the technology to pinpoint your vehicles above ground and even tell you whether the operator has their seat belt on. Location, speed, direction and just a few of the important bits of information relayed to the location server. The units ares extremely small and can be easily installed by your own service staff. The running costs of the system are dependent on the location of the network.

Over 400,000 C-Track units have been installed in over 30 countries. Here in Australia the system is used by BHPB and Rio Tinto Coal.

Specialised GPS fleet monitoring and driver safety systems are now integral to safe, cost efficient fleet management. PlusComms provides a powerful and fully-featured solution to meet fleet and asset tracking demands for Australian industry, specialising in the mining, transport and local government sectors. Using Digicore’s C-Track In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS), your vehicles will be 100% secure and visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Over 400,000 units are installed in 30 countries worldwide and providing premium GPS fleet tracking capabilities. Our asset tracking and monitoring systems are supported by unrivalled data storage capabilities, giving you access to years of data for reports and analysis.

Identifying Fleet Location
Our GPS tracking allows you to identify the location of every asset at any time so that your equipment and vehicles are where they need to be. An easy-to-use but powerful interface allows you full visibility of your assets and their condition.

Combating Rising Operation Costs
Our systems allow you to track and manage improper asset usage and unnecessary wastage of resources, saving you money and increasing the return on your assets.

Accurately Assessing Driver Identity
Our RFID identification solution can integrate with your existing swipe or smart cards for accurate identification.

Ensuring Worker Safety
By using geofencing technology, automatic alerts will warn your drivers of high risk no-go zones that have been implemented for precautionary reasons. The heightened level of driver monitoring also results in improved driving practices leading to risk minimisation.

Prohibiting Unauthorised Vehicle Use
Unauthorised vehicle usage can be a problem without proper monitoring of driver identification. Our system requires users to identify themselves using a unique RFID card process.

Maintaining Security of Equipment and Assets
Our systems track not only mobile assets but fixed plants and equipment, giving you the means to track the exact location and usage of every company asset.