Fibre Networks

Deploying fibre networks is a growing requirement of many projects. PlusComms is able to offer a comprehensive range of solutions for any project whether it is small or involve deployment across an entire country or region. Through the strength of our strategic partners PlusComms can bring enormous resources to any project in most countries. Our capabilities cover pit, ducts, buildings, power line and much more.

PlusComms can offer both network fibre design and deployment and includes close attention to civil works.  We can plan, design, deploy, commission and operate networks of any size. As new devices and applications continue to rapidly drive bandwidth demand and usage growth, PlusComms stays focused on developing future-proof fibre solutions.

Australia is experiencing unprecedented demand for fibre deployment. PlusComms is well positioned to supply a large component of that deployment. PlusComms has access to a large pool of well-trained staff to ensure your project requirements are met.