Network Operation

If you have a network or are planning a network you must consider whether your business is truly about operating networks. If you are a mobile phone carrier your business is probably about sales and the network is a necessity better run by others. Mine site operators are not communications experts.  Day-to-day Operations is a specialty that can be handled better by companies like PlusComms. Even many of Australia’s well-known major telephone companies outsource their operations.

Whether monitoring a single site or an entire network, PlusComms has the resources to run and operate your network either locally or internationally. Operations is not just about handling faults. We we are able to take responsibility for network architecture, financial planning, vendor selection, network architecture across the entire network.

  • 24/7 network operations
  • fault management
  • Manage transitions and upgrades to new technologies.
  • Maintenance and support of multi-vendor network
  • Customer connections and variations
  • Core transmission and access networks
  • Training  local project and maintenance staff.

We work with OSS  (operational support systems) or single site monitors. Our staff can be located at your site or remotely located in our offices. Contact us for more details.