Need a Technician or Engineer in a Hurry?

ResponsePlus ensures that PlusComms can meet your telecommunications needs in the best way that suits your operation and your customers. Whether it be phone response or a technician on site, our ResponsePlus service can be tailored to ensure the least possible disruption to your business when failure strikes.

We work with you to understand the best Service Level Agreement (SLA) to put in place. We structure our fees to make the process affordable. We supply staff with the right qualifications, certification and inductions, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Whether it is a critical failure in a road tunnel, mine site or office we can supply staff on the phone or on site in the shortest period possible.

PlusComms understands that your business is critical to both you and your customers. Our company prides itself on the extreme nature of the products that it sells and services. We know that we are the ideal company to call when things go wrong. Tunnel operators can experience failure at any time due to accidents, over-height vehicles and loose tie-downs whipping around and destroying radio infrastructure. Mines have similar problems plus the extreme unstable nature of some sites. Complicate this with blasting, dust and water and failure is always a possibility at any moment.

PlusComms also optionally supports a variety of remote access products that allow us to instantly “see” what is happening at your site. With the right arrangements, we might detect your failure before you even know about it.

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