PlusComms is a company with a wealth of expertise and a team of professionals at all levels. Tunnel Radio Systems also known as Radio Re-Broadcast (RRB) systems (or sometimes RBS) is one of our core products. The staff at PlusComms have many years of experience with tunnel communications including three Sydney road tunnels – the Eastern Distributor, the M5East and the Cross City Tunnel.

Services include:

  • IMG_2459Full maintenance of:
    • AM/FM/DAB Receivers/Transmitters
    • Fibre Optic Systems
    • Antennas/feeders/leaky coax
    • Baseband amplifiers
    • O&M Repeaters
    • Voice recording/announcement equipment
  • Annual/6 monthly reports
  • Fault response

Our capabilities extend to designing and implementing advanced IP networks, backup control room, mobile control room, conversions from point to point systems to IP, resilient IP networks, expansion of current services and specialty applications such as radio monitoring in the control room of each segment of the underground coverage.

Staff also have experience in working with underground mobile telephone technology, trunk radio systems, emergency services radio systems and a wide range on other systems. We have experience radio systems in a wide range of tunnels including high capacity power tunnels, mine tunnels and pedestrian tunnels

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