Wireless Networks

PlusComms staff have vast experience in successfully building wireless networks both in Australia and throughout Asia. Coupled with the strength of our Global Strategic Partners, PlusComms is able to build networks of any size and type throughout the world.  Network experience includes:

  • GSM, 3G, 4G
  • WiMax
  • Mesh
  • Microwave
  • Radio Re Broadcast Networks and Repeater Networks
  • Various Proprietary Wireless Networks

Strong Project Management is key to all successful projects. PlusComms focus on strong project control which means projects are kept in budget and on time. Software support is available for wireless link and path loss, spacial planning, project management and most other aspects, ensure that nothing is overlooked. Field teams generally consist of riggers and technicians, all with the complete range of skills needed to complete sites without expensive return visits. All aspects of OEH&S are managed and staff have adequate training in Radiation Hazard Awareness, Rigging, Working at Heights and any other requirements.

All projects require a strong logistics control and PlusComms can optionally provide full warehousing for Base Station equipment and transport to site. We supply greenfield builds as well as network upgrades.

Engineering staff are able to provide design solutions for entire networks or just a single site. PlusComms provide network interconnection via any method including microwave, satellite, fibre, copper or other means. Our wide experience in technologies such as WiMax allow us to advise our customers on such important matters as:

  • network configuration
  • Supplier benefits
  • optimal spectrum selection/pricing
  • greenfield locations and pricing
  • site sharing options
  • BTS configuration

We provide full operational management of most networks.